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Credenza Engineering Pvt. Ltd is engaged in the construction and trading business. We supply different types of materials to the original equipment manufacturers all over the world. We have 23 years experience in the steel construction industry and has worked with well know construction organizations in India and Abroad.

Our Core Values


Our vision is to become one of the world's best services provider in Exports and Mechanical Erection and Installation services.


Our mission is to give best in class services to our clients through our world-class solutions with the power of skilled technicians and expertise professionals.


Reliability - Working with overseas clients, reliability plays an important role.

Excellence and Innovation - Providing customized solutions to the exact need of the client.

Ethical and Responsible actions - Professional ethics and responsibility in every action of our team.

About Us

Credenza Engineering Pvt. Ltd formerly known as Credenza Exports is a Mechanical construction have been actively involved in installation and commissioning of power plants, sugar mills, tanks, boilers, equipment erection, piping works etc and manpower deployment for more than 13 years. Recently, we have also brought trading under our roof.

Our Clientele

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Award Winning Industrial Company

We have won peer-reviewed design awards in many industries for innovative industrial design.

Our clients gave us the chance to create some great designs, and deserve credit for the technology, engineering and market vision behind every product.

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